Presto Paws was founded by Meyer and Rachel with our dog Alfie in mind. After rescuing Alfie, we set out to give him a better life. From a healthy nutrition to fun toys he and our kids could play with.

A few months in, we realized that there are too many pet products claiming to be best in their category, and as pet owners, we tried many of them in order to find what we considered to be best for our Alfie.

What we soon learned is that the perfect pet product, with all the right features and benefits is really hard to find or doesn't exist. And that is when we set out to create Presto Paws.

Presto Paws selects the best features from similar products and combine them to make a good quality, useful product everyone can enjoy.

We are proud to support these organizations and their mission to save lives

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our products, our brand or Alfie. We are always ready to lend a paw :)

Rachel and Meyer